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A new film by Eric Minh Swenson.

Directed and choreographed by praised artist, dancer and choreographer, Molly D’Amour, Luxe Obscura’s cabaret is emotionally kinetic and steeped in a post modern remix of 1930s Berlin. It has a live band and the highest production quality of any live weekly show in Los Angeles. The show is executed the way it would have been almost one hundred years ago and may be the only place you can get a true pre-war old Hollywood experience with a modern flair. This is thanks to the support and vision of the clubs owner, Neil Kadisha. Kadisha was first inspired by Molly’s work at LA’s former and legendary ‘it’ spot, Forty Deuce and has continued to support and hold an appreciation of her work ever since. LA hasn’t seen anything like it. Together they are bringing the passion and grandeur of days gone by back to Hollywoord nightlife.

Molly D’Amour is best known for her dancing and innovative, bold choreography in her work with Lady Gaga’s Monster’s Ball World Tour and Special for HBO, Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga’s Taschen release, her solo choreographed MTV Music Awards performance with My Chemical Romance, Melanie Pullen’s LA Art Show High Fashion Crime Scenes and Violent Times choreography - voted by the LA Times as Los Angeles’s #1 Visual Art Event. Called
“dangerous and brave” D’Amour’s choreography, art direction and conceptual performance also include her work with MTV’s Music Video Awards, The American Music Awards, The Billboard
Music Awards, The ADC Creative Director’s Awards Amsterdam, Kanye West and Prince.

EMS Legacy Films is a continuing series of short films produced by EMS on artists and exhibitions. His art films can be seen at https://vimeo.com/channels/76542

Instagram : @ericminhswenson Website : emsartscene.com

Eric Minh Swenson also covers the international art scene and his writings and photo essays can be seen at Huffington Post Arts : http://m.huffpost.com/us/author/eric-minh-swenson/

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