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NEW LOL SPARKLE SERIES PUNK BOI UNBOXING | L.O.L. Glitter Confetti Pop Dolls | Weight + Clue Hacks

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The new LOL Surprise Sparkle Series is the latest "glitter series," and this time it's your favorite Series 3 Confetti Pop dolls who are getting sparkly makeovers. In this video, Aubri shows you how to find glittery Punk Boi, who was MGA's first ever LOL boy doll.

#lolsurprisesparkleseries #lolsparklepunkboi


Welcome to Aubri's World! Aubri is a 6-year-old girl who loves to play with toys & have fun.


NEW LOL SPARKLE SERIES PUNK BOI UNBOXING | L.O.L. Glitter Confetti Pop Dolls | Weight + Clue Hacks: https://youtu.be/dkCj8kPSHWg


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